Buy cheaper books!


Every week plenty of interesting books are released.

Besides the fact that I don’t have the time to read them all, it could start to be quite expensive trying to buy them all!

That’s why I became a big fan of “early release” programs most of the publishers are offering.

O’Reilly, Apress, Manning … they all have their own program which basically offers the same kind of things: an early access to a still-in-development version of forthcoming titles at a lower price!

The nice thing is that as soon as you bought an early release ebook, you will be warned about new version as they become available for download. You’ll even receive (most of the time) the completed ebook as soon as it got released.

Check-out the current roster of available early release books from:

Do no forget to also have a look at Leanpub catalogue. Some of their books are work in progress too (I did not find a specific section on their site, though) You’ll also be warned as soon as a new version is online and you’ll be able to download the final version for free. They have some really reasonably priced bundles, nice free books to download and you can even set your price for paid version!

Happy Reading!

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